Bulls Lodge Quarry – Essex

Revised restoration using imported inert material.

Bulls Lodge Quarry1Bulls Lodge Quarry2Bulls Lodge Quarry3Bulls Lodge Quarry4Following the unauthorised deposition of a large volume of waste on site by one of the Bulls Lodge Quarry operator’s former tenants, the operator was asked by the authorities to remove these materials.

Following discussions between the operator, MPA and Landesign we created an on site scheme requiring minimal material handling, using the waste material to create a revised restoration landform that will enhance and area of developing habitat on an adjacent part of the quarry.

Planning permission was granted and the appropriate environmental permits sought by the client. This scheme has helped the client avoid some potentially expensive costs for removing this large volume of material from site to another licensed facility elsewhere for final disposal.

As a by product, the scheme helps improve the landform and biodiversity of the former lagoon area, creates new wildlife corridors across the site and has freed up a previously inaccessible parcel of land adjacent to the plant site for commercial use by a new tenant.

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