Industrial Development in the Green Belt

A concrete plant operator asked for assistance to aid the wider development of its batching site which included a large area of adjacent land with potential for further development. However the sites position in the green belt made the likelihood of obtaining a planning permission for new industrial development a difficult prospect because of the planning policies which placed tight restrictions on development in the green belt.

Landesign reviewed the site and its varied planning history which comprised a range of previous permissions and other long established but unauthorised development works. We were then able to suggest that the best way forward was to seek a Certificate of Lawful Existing Use or Development (a CLEUD) which would regularise the previously unauthorised works and thereby leave the whole site as one with established industrial uses with greater potential for redevelopment in the future as an established brownfield site.

We worked with our client, reviewing their records from historic topographic information, old photographs, invoices, old correspondence and other information in order to create a solid evidence base to underpin the CLEUD application.

We tightly defined the boundaries of what we considered to be established use and development and made a CLEUD application. This was ultimately approved thereby establishing B2 and B8 industrial / storage and distribution use across the whole site.

This work now allows the client to consider redevelopment of their wider site as it is now acknowledged as brownfield industrial land.

CLEUD site

Potential development land now with agreed established use

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