Leicester City Football Club

As part of the original construction of the King Power stadium (formerly the Walkers Stadium) a number of highly restrictive planning controls were put in place that severely limited the commercial, sporting and leisure activities that could be undertaken at the ground.

Leicester City Football Club

In particular the use of the stadium was limited to games where Leicester City Football Club was one of the participants. The club had tried to hold international football matches, Heineken Cup rugby semi finals and various other sporting events. However, the planning conditions did not support this and severely restricted the commercial capabilities of the stadium thereby compromising the potential for future major sporting events to be held at the stadium despite it being one of the best examples in the country.

With the Rugby World Cup 2015 approaching and the clubs aspiration to also provide a large capacity venue for music events etc, Landesign prepared a planning application on behalf of LCFC to remove many of these restrictions.

Planning permission was granted , freeing the club to consider holding rock concerts; the 2015 rugby world cup games and the new permission also enabled them to increase the scale and scope of the on site sporting retail facilities. Over all this permission helped to increase the commercial revenue to both the club and broaden the cultural facilities for Leicester as a whole and presented the King Power Stadium as a recognised facility for major international sports events.

King Power Stadium; Kasabian; 2016

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