Estates Management

Land management of mineral and waste has become an area of specialism in the UK with many legal and surveying professionals having little experience of the subject. As a result many experienced estate managers find it safer to call on minerals and waste specialists to guide them on such matters. Landesign can provide this guidance.

Our aim is to provide you with clear guidance on land negotiation for leases, options, acquisitions and other land management arrangements, particularly in the mineral and waste sectors. We act for both developers and land owners and provide our clients with straight forward and open advice on managing their land, mineral and waste assets.

Integrated with our planning capability and operational experience we are able to progress the development of your mineral and waste assets to achieve realistic goals; to seek value added opportunities and to provide whole life solutions, from initial development ideas through to the post development phase.

We have over 25 years experience assisted in the management of numerous mineral and waste sites across the UK, especially in the Midlands and East Anglia.

By choosing Landesign you are guaranteed to have the most experienced professionals dealing directly with your work on a day to day basis, providing you with a bespoke service to suit you or your company’s budget.